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Height & Measurements Height is 5’4″ (165 cm), Weight is 108 lb (49 kg). About Internet celebrity from Thailand, who has delicate features, adorable personality and her stunning figure. She often posts her selfies to Facebook and has accumulated more than 1000,000 followers already. ติดตามเธอกันได้ที่ Twitter:arisara karbdecho (@arisarakarbdec) Fb:Arisara Karbdecho... Read More
My name is Jinny or you can call me by my nickname Yoom :p. I am Korean but I am language Jinnius so I speak ENG, KOR a little bit of Mandarin and Japanese (a little bit). I used to live in CA for a while. I love Hearthstone. I like trying different types of games as well but I mostly love playing Hearthstone. My goal is to become Hearthstone Pro gamer Regarding other games, I enjoy adventure games, story-driven games, challenging games, If you want me to try some of your favorite games, please let me know in my discord channel and I’ll definitely check them out ! twitch:jinnyttyFB:JinnyttyIG:yyi0728... Read More
ทำความรู้จักกับ Nnewys สตรีมเม่อร์สาวสวย นักกีฬา PUBG หญิงจากทีม AAA.Lady Panthita Theerakul หรือ Nnewys หนึ่งในตัวแทน ZOWIE DIVINA ประเทศไทย ติดตามเธอกันได้ที่instagram:nnewysFb:nnewys.ngz... Read More